Paula's Academy is a special classroom designed specifically for older children, dedicated to preparing your child for the transition to primary school.

With the help of local New Entrant teachers, we have created a fun play based and exciting programme for children that develops their independence, problem solving skills, and lays down the foundations of literacy and numeracy.

This unique concept classroom allows our skilled teachers to work alongside small groups of children in a settled environment, with hands-on learning projects and incorporating art, science and regular excursions into our community.

Owners Anthony and Stacey Holder realise the importance of preparation for school and feedback from parents has been really positive.  “We are thrilled with the reaction to our classroom from parents, children can’t wait to get into the class, they absolutely love it and it shows."

With an emphasis on child-driven learning and fun, Richmond Academy gives your child the skills and confidence to thrive at primary school.

  • Richmond Academy accommodates up to 10 children.
  • Sessions are full days (8.30am - 3.30pm)
  • Minimum of 2 sessions per week.


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Both of our children have been involved in the Academy programme. Our eldest is now at primary school, and not only did she have a head start with her learning, she easily slotted into the school routine and was able to make friends quickly and easily. Our son who is almost four is currently enrolled in the Tuatara Academy room. He really looks forward to going to ‘school’ each day, which is cute. I think it’s the great relationship he has with his teacher, the intimate group of children his own age who are his buddies, and carefully thought out classroom activities. He is so eager to get involved! I am always recommending the programme to others.
— Sonya Sladen
Morgan transitioned into school easily. The academy programme really promotes the love of learning. Morgan has an active mind and the structure channelled his learning into the right direction to become a lifelong learner.
— Cassie Fitzsimmons