Ko tōku nui, tōku wehi, tōku whakatiketike, tōku reo
My language is my greatness, my inspiration, that which I hold precious.
— Maori proverb

Language is key to building the foundations to children’s early literacy. Letter recognition is developed through an interest and exposure to letters / alphabet, reading stories and a desire for children to write their names. Puzzles, magnetic letters and stories are a great way to introduce literacy in the kiwi room. The children experience an environment rich in language. Mat times are a great opportunity for reading stories to / with the children. We have noticed some of the children enjoy taking a leadership role and read books to their friends.

The children within the Kiwi room are learning that ideas and experience can be represent through words and pictures within books.

Recently the children have taken a very keen interest in the C.D story books, the teachers have been encouraging the children to take lead in this activity with choosing the story they wish to listen to, taking the CD out and placing it into the CD player and pressing the play button this is fostering children’s relationships and Tuakana teina (helping one another) as the older children often help the younger with this process. 

If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.
— Albert Einstein

November / December term focus will be on Sensory Play, and building on children’s developing mathematical concepts. Watch this space for “fun exciting” learning opportunities.