November 2016                                                          Teacher / Kaiako: NESS

Anthony sowed new grass seed and “bordered off” this area.” The lovely warm weather we’ve been having and plenty of rain, has been the perfect conditions for germinating the seeds to grow lush green grass. This afternoon when Stacey opened up this grass area the children had the pleasure of running through the long wavy grass. I broke into the “Bear Hunt” story and immediately I had children swishing and swashing through the long grass. The children know this story very well. They enjoy predicting the unfolding plot. But Mason wasn’t going to go through the sequence he immediately pointed out a cave. He screamed “Ness look a CAVE.” The children followed in unison, They hollered,” Look a CAVE, a cave.” We stepped into the deep cold river towards the cave. Splash splosh, splash splosh. We tip toes very quietly into the cave. When we saw the bear, it was a mad scramble through the cave to safety. No tip toeing out of the cave today. The children clambered up the net onto the fort. BUT we forgot to shut the door. We either went down the slide or back down the net. When we closed the front door the children plunged on top of one another to get to the mat.

Phew, we’re not going on a bear hunt again!

Re telling the bear hunt story is a playful and exciting way enabling children to make connections with the book. It also provides opportunities for children to be creative and explore with their imaginations. When reading the book we talk about walking through the long wavy grass. What does it feel like to walk through LONG wavy grass? Is it soft or does it feel prickly?  Although we talk about the bear wanting someone to play with, the children love to run from him / her.  We say next time we will ask him to play with us, but we never do.

A couple of days later Hazel notices a very muddy puddle, “Ness look a puddle.” I said to Hazel, “Jump in it. What does it feel like? Squelch squerch, squelch, squerch. We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a BIG one what a beautiful day. We’re not scared. Uh oh, MUD, thick oozy mud. We can’t go over it we can’t go under it, Oh no, we have to go through it. Squelch, squerch.” Another opportunity to make the connection between the story with the mud. It wasn't long before Hazel was accompanied by Peyton and Jett playfully enjoying the natural environment.