With such a big focus on dinosaurs in the centre at the moment, I thought I would draw some large dinosaurs outside on the concrete to support the children’s interest and stimulate their imaginations. Immediately the tamariki were engaged in my work…”that’s a plant eater because its got a long neck” (so I thought I’d add some leaves for it to eat!). “Draw a meat eater next” I was told… and so I did. Finally I added a Triceratops attacking the T Rex as this is what William had been telling me happens. Then the fun really started.

I was amazed at how many of the children grabbed some chalk and began adding to the dinosaurs, making them more detailed and life like. Erica added spikes all the way along the back of the triceratops making it like a stegosaurus. Next, eggs were added. Adelyn said “Sharon, you’ve forgotten to draw a volcano” so away I went to put it in. But it was the T Rex that got the greatest enhancements. Aidan & Liam spent a huge amount of time colouring in the T Rex spikes. I noticed William and Viliami had added blue chalk & drawn lines coming from the T Rex’s mouth and when I asked about what they were, they told me the T Rex was roaring loudly. As the children worked, they chatted about what they were doing and why, negotiating what to add and what not to. Finally with great amusement things got gory as they added spilled blood to where the Triceratops had gored the T Rex. 

A really memorable morning where the children worked together, got to share their knowledge and ideas with their peers, the younger tamariki and their delighted teachers.

KAIAKO: Sharon

May 2016