Academy News



Academy Focus this term is on DINOSAURS and maths. If your child has a dinosaur book or puzzle they would like to share with their friends, please bring them in. Jenny from the Tasman District Library popped in to read all about dinosaurs to the children. She also taught us some cool new dinosaur poems and songs. We can't wait to teach these to the children in the Kiwi  room. 

Ambi the ambulance is coming on 21 June to teach the children about keeping themselves safe.

We had an awesome experience when Rachel came in during sign language week. She spent an incredible half hour teaching the tamariki to sign colours and some animals. The entire time she did not speak!

Nga mihi mahana tenei kia koutou. A very warm welcome to the Academy Room:             Archer, Lorcan, Charlotte, Elsie, Gracie, Jack and Lily.                                                         Sadly we farewell William, Erica, Shylah and Jax. Happy School Days.                             You are all so ready for school. We will miss you all.

Winter is officially here. With the colder weather can you please ensure your child has spare clothes in their bag. Even though there is less water play, children still get wet in puddles and have the odd accident. Measles

NEED TO KNOW                                                                                   Since April 2016 there has been at least 50 confirmed cases of measles in New Zealand. There is measles now in the Nelson Marlborough district. The Ministry of Health recommend immunisation is the best protection for the prevention of your child/ children being infected with this disease. Measles starts with a fever, cough, runny nose and or sore eyes followed a few days later by a rash. People are infectious from 5 days before to 5 days after the rash appears.  

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your child's health seek advice from your local G.P. This time of the year there are more bugs around. To ensure the health and safety of the children and adults at the centre we will be asking parents to keep their children at home if they are unwell. We really appreciate your support.

For further information on measles and measles immunisation, visit the Ministry of Health website or the Immunisation Advisory Centre website, or call the Immunisation Advisory Centre toll-free on 0800 466 863.


Our focus this term will be on Matariki, stars and planets. Watch this space for fun, exciting learning activities. There is awesome artwork on display. Matariki is about celebrating the year with family and friends. Traditionally, Maori families had huge feasts, they sung waiata, performed kapahaka, played traditional Maori games like flying handmade kites and string games.  We will be having a shared morning tea this month to celebrate Matariki. The children have been learning the action song MATARIKI, (sung to the tune of the MacarAina). We have been performing this in front of the Academy children and are really excited to be having a concert for the parents and whaanau when they visit this Friday 24 June.  


We will continue to encourage "Healthy Eating Choices."  We have Incorporated this theme into our Matariki. As this is the time for harvesting our food and storing it for the winter. You will notice in the playroom we have our fruit and vegetables store displayed on the board. The children have been learning about colours and yummy fruits and veges to eat. We will be making soup, bread and macaroni.