The Matariki celebrations has now come and gone. Our parent whānau shared morning tea was very successful. It was really lovely to see your support and see the joys on your faces when the children performed their songs. Thank you for coming along and being apart of this important occasion. We plan to have more whānau / family gatherings over the next couple of terms.


Policy Review

When you get a minute or two, please read through our policies up for review. You will find them located beside the sign in sheet. We welcome your feedback and it provides you opportunities to have your say.


Winter Ills and Chills

Spring is only a month away, but we are still battling bugs. There have been a few cases of vomiting and lots of cough colds. If your child is unwell please keep them home until they are better as this will minimize the spread of bugs.



The heart Foundation has awarded the preschool the Heart Foundation BRONZE Healthy Heart Award. Congratulations to Sharon and Kelsea for their hard work with the children over the past year. Awesome effort everyone.




Our focus this term is “WORK.” We are hoping to organize some trips and to have visitors to the centre teaching the children about different jobs. We are looking to have lots of whānau / family involvement and would love it if you, our parents were able to share your job with the tamariki / children. If for example you have a cool truck and you could stop by for a visit, or we could come to your workplace that would be awesome. Please let one of us know if you can help.

On Wednesday morning 3 August a few Firefighters from the Richmond Fire Station will visit the centre (With their Fire Truck!).    The children will be learning about how to keep themselves safe if there is a fire at home.  You will be receiving some information regarding this in your parent pockets and we do suggest you talk to your children about what they are learning so they feel confident and not concerned, about a fire.  The following week Ambi Ambulance will also pay a visit.

Sharon, Kelsea and Julie



Last term the children were involved in learning about Matariki and the seven stars this led onto making planets and creating a universe. We talked about the foods we harvest for winter. The kiwi room will continue with the Academy’s Term Three focus to learn about the people in our community. We are seeking willing parents and or whānau members to share a special skill they have. Ness often plays the ukulele but is limited to how many songs / waiata she can play. We would love a parent who is musical to share their talent or if you have a skill in kapahaka please come and see us.


Ness, Mahana, Claire and Jan


Tiny Tots

The last few months we have been focusing on fostering and supporting Healthy Bodies (Taha Tinana). Activities to reflect this learning are:

·         introducing a foot spa experience

·         children have been involved in painting (this was a whole body experience)

·         obstacle courses

·          yoga

·          music and movement (the children are especially enjoying the parachute and lycra songs)  


Many activities have reflected Matariki through:

·         inclusion and welcoming others   

·         baking cheese puffs......YUMMY

·         creating drawings while listening to the story of Matariki and

·         coming together to participate and learn alongside others

Children’s well being is promoted through the routines and rituals of hand washing and from acknowledging the weather and dressing appropriately.

 Please check out the photos and stories about the children's involvement on the board in the playroom. We would love your feedback.  

 To end Matariki celebrations next we will be looking at healthy kai (food) with the children involved in providing and preparing winter baking of soups, fritters and fruit platters.

 Kaye, Nikki, Christine, Fern and Nicolette