Last Friday was Richmond Primary Schools annual Book Character Day Parade. We organized the children to dress up to coincide with the school. We were delighted that most of the children came to preschool in character. Some of the children have siblings at the school. We thought this would be a perfect opportunity for the children and family to be involved together and accepted the schools invite to watch the parade. When we arrived at the school we sat on the porch in front of Room 18 waiting in anticipation for this stunning colourful parade. We weren’t disappointed. There was an array of colourful characters. It was awesome to see the delight on the teachers faces and hear their feedback about us all being dressed up too, but most of all it was lovely to see very proud brothers and sisters calling out to each other. 

This little excursion has inspired us to have another dress up day, but this time we would like to invite families and friends to the centre to be dazzled by Paula’s Wearable Arts exhibition. Watch this space, we will be calling on any interested parents and families to take part.