What a fantastic day out we had at our annual sports day with Paula’s Tahuna and Learning Land. The children loved the bus trip to get there, taking in all the sights around the bay and singing our preschool chant, to get everyone excited. The children really enjoyed playing all the different games and hanging out with their parents. Watching the adults compete for the “games Trophy” is an annual highlight. Sadly we did not win it again this year. 

It was awesome to see everyone really get into the spirit of the event, with dressing up and wearing blue. On our way back to the bus, we decided to run our own running races, as they had not been part of the programme this year. The children ran hard and fast and loved having their families their watch them compete. Well done everyone on a fantastic day out. Next year we will be hosting the Games. So let’s see if we can bring the trophy home.  We look forward to and welcome your feedback about the event and about the pending one in 2017.