Kei runga i a tātou te wā o te kōanga

Spring is upon us

As the days warm up and daylight savings begins, it is a timely reminder to ourselves that our environment is beautiful and diverse. While there are some things that we can control, there are also some things that we cannot. There are quite a few bugs going around with the change of seasons. If your child is feeling miserable with a cough, cold and or high temperatures please keep them home until well again.


 Ko te wā o kōanga he tohu o te whānautanga hou                                                                    Spring is a symbol of rebirth

Have you ever wondered what the recommended serving sizes for children or for yourself? Match your servings to hand size.

Did you know?

  • Potatoes/pasta/rice = one fist size for CARBOHYDRATES
  • Meat/fish/vegetarian option) = one palm size for PROTEIN
  • Coloured vegetables = two cupped handfuls



Last term our focus was on Whaanau and work. Please take time to check out our awesome wall displays to see what your children have been up to these past few weeks. We would like to continue to thank all parents and whaanau who have attended the walks. Without your help our trips are not possible. Our last bus trip was to the Botanics to compete in the annual sports day. (You can read about it on our blog page). This year the theme was Mini Olympics to coincide with Rio. Again a huge thank you to all our parents for your support. We were humbled with your commitment and fighting spirit to challenge Tahuna for the cup. Next year we will be hosting this event.

Please remember to use your child's name tag by their bag as we have had a few mix ups of personal items. Sometimes the name tags disappear, please let us know if your child is missing one.  

Happy School Days to JONAH, ISLA and NOAH. Ka kite BELLE and her family who are on the move to Blenheim. We wish you all well on the next step of your learning journey.

What's happening this term

We have an exciting term ahead. Our holiday programme is well under way with exciting activities planned and trips to the park. Spring is about GROWTH and we will be learning all about understanding and making sense of the living world. We will be planting a variety of seeds and making observations to identify and describe the changes a seed undergoes to grow into a tasty fruit or vegetable. We will be keeping a close eye on our grapevine too. We will research animals and investigate what foods make them grow to be healthy and strong. Lastly, we will research the human body and identify important foods that fuel our bodies so our brain can think, and so we have energy to play, climb and run in the playground. Feel free to explore the Academy's SCIENCE and DISCOVERY area once this focus is underway.

We are getting really excited for when Tiny Tots will be merging with the centre. We have't yet got a deadline date but the planning is well underway. A huge thank you for all your support and patience with the set-up of our new "Taniwha" Academy and Kiwi rooms. The children and teachers from the academy classrooms have transitioned really well into their new room. The children and team from the Kiwi room are loving their new space and settled well into their new routines. The room is more designed for the 2 year old children.

A huge thank you to Clint Jones, Caitlin's dad for building us two child size cabinets for our resources. We just love it Clint. Your time and thoughtfulness is truly appreciated.   . 

Abacus fundraiser

Lastly, it is that time of the year again to begin thinking about putting in your order for your child's Abacus calendars, notepads, diaries and other fundraiser products. These also make great Christmas gifts for family members so be sure to get in before it's too late!  If you would like to check out your child's art that we are submitting, please ask your teacher for a quick preview. Trust us, you are going to want to order these!

Check the fundraiser prices by the sign in sheet. We will be issuing order forms soon.