Last term dramatic play was a great focus for children to explore a variety of imaginative play concepts. This sparked a lot of new interests and knowledge. We designed a cafe. This concept was a huge hit and provided ongoing learning experiences. We went on a trip to the cafe in the library. I think the most rewarding part of the trip was eating a cookie in the cafe instead of rummaging through the library seeking a book of interest. 

Other types of pretend play included super hero play, doctor play, animal play, supermarket play and vet play. The children experienced "camping at the preschool for the day" too.  The children also had opportunities to be involved in dress-up days and bake for our teddy bears picnic. We noticed the children's self-care skills have increased through the different occupations and use of dress up and props.

Through dramatic play the children have had opportunities to act out and role model real life experiences. It helps them to develop self help skills and shy children have come out of their shell more. Children's relationships skills increase as they learn to understand other peoples points of view and learn about sharing, cooperation and empathy. They have an ability to develop strategies to resolve conflicts. We have noticed the dramatic play is now more prominent in the centre.